Botanical Wreath Fitted Cot Sheet


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Dazed But Amazed x Vines of the Wild


Little babes will look so sweet in the middle of our botanical wreath design cot sheet – sleeping or (possibly) not hehe. They can permanently rest in a bed of flowers that will never need replacing. Can be used for newborn and milestone photos so you can watch your little one ‘bloom and grow’. It’s simple design will suit any nursery space for either gender.


– Natural Colour 100% Pure Flax Linen.

– Measures: 70cm wide x 132cm long.

– Elasticated fitted skirt to hug infant mattress.

– Made out of custom weave 100% Pure Linen.

– Limited edition. Vintage washed for extra softness.

– Comes in a signature pure linen slip, for safe keeping and easy storage.


Unique Imperfections

Embrace the individuality and small imperfections of your unique linen pieces. As every single print is hand done locally in the Dazed but Amazed printing studio, no two will ever be exactly the same. Linen can be quite a grainy fabric so sometimes your artwork will not have a perfectly finished image – there may be small jumps in the artwork, or inks may not be perfectly even. We adore these differences amongst our product, we feel they truly show a hand finished aspect. We encourage you to embrace these differences as you do the differences amongst your own children, lovers and friends. We guarantee that your print is one of a kind.


Non-Toxic Ink

Dazed but Amazed only use non-toxic inks, ensuring you and your babes are not being exposed to any harmful toxins at all within the pure linen bedding. Our inks are not only ok for your babes but for the environment too. Head over to the Dazed but Amazed FAQ page here to read more about the inks used as well as the printing process.


Benefits of Linen

Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of a flax plant. It is regarded internationally as the best quality fabric. Linen has been long favoured for sheeting because of its amazing properties. It softens the more it is used and washed, is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for correctly. It is not uncommon that families will pass linen sheets on to the younger generation as an heirloom.


To read more about the benefits of linen as well as handy information about how to wash and care for your linen, head over to the information page at Dazed but Amazed here