Heirloom Fabric Wings

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Makim Beautiful x Vines of the Wild


For wearing on precious shoulders or decorating a special space, this set of wings is quite magical. Featuring individually hand cut fabric feathers and tassel straps – this piece can be in your family for years to come worn gently as a dress up for special occasions, or displayed on the wall or shelf. Each set is handcrafted and consists of approximately 60 individual feathers which blend from dark olive, through to light grey, finished with white tips.


Each pair measures approximately 35cm x 35cm and the standard sizing expects to fit most 2 to 5 year olds. Packaged in a lidded cardboard box this would be perfect for a special occasion gift.


*Please Note
Each piece is uniquely handmade in Australia from natural materials therefore imperfections are part of the charm and individuality. A slight variation between items may occur. Wear and tear will commence as soon as your accessories are worn. Do not spray perfume, hairspray or water directly onto the pieces.


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