Moss Dyed Throw


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Dazed But Amazed x Vines of the Wild


Hand dyed one of a kind goodness. Here is the linen that can do it all, and allows us all to have it all. This multitasking product, can be used as a throw, wall hanging, bed throw on both big beds and small, bed sheet, baby wrap, light weight blanket, pram cover – let your imagination go wild and use this throw in all its possible glory.


– 100% Pure Linen.

– Measures: 100cm wide x 140cm long.

– Care instructions loosely stitched for easy removal.

– Made out of our custom weave 100% Pure Linen.

– Limited edition. Vintage washed for extra softness.

– Comes in a signature pure linen slip, for safe keeping and easy storage.


Hand Dyed Uniqueness

Notice in the photos, the beautiful variations in colour that our moss throw can come in, I wonder which tone you’ll receive, truly one of a kind.



Benefits of Linen

Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of a flax plant. It is regarded internationally as the best quality fabric. Linen has been long favoured for sheeting because of its amazing properties. It softens the more it is used and washed, is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for correctly. It is not uncommon that families will pass linen sheets on to the younger generation as an heirloom.


To read more about the benefits of linen as well as handy information about how to wash and care for your linen, head over to the information page at Dazed but Amazed here